Everyone that rides a bike will come across issues that can be easily solved, if you know how.

Many Local Bike Shops run clinics to teach the ABC’s of Bike Maintenance which include the following:

  • A is for AIR, Tires, pressure, fixing a flat and more.
  • B is for BRAKES, Disc, or Rim, understanding them, simple adjustments, replacing parts.
  • C is for CHAIN. This includes not only the chain basics of cleaning, lubrication and replacement, but drivetrain adjusting which includes derailleur adjustments and knowing how to shift.

This episode is B and C: Brakes and Chain. Todd Kay, service manager at Greenstreet Cycles covers the different aspects of brakes, the drive train, and more. This was recorded at the shop during an open class for people to watch and ask questions. Todd explained that the shop will be hosting events where you can practice the different aspects of the ABC’s of Bike Maintenance.