The Bellevue Bicycle Club of Nebraska hosted the 2024 Ride of Silence on May 15 at 7pm. The Ride of Silence is an international event held on the third Wednesday of May to honor those cyclists injured or killed in a vehicle/bike crash.

In 2023 there were SIX people on bikes that were killed in car/bike crashes. That is more than all those killed in the previous five years combined.

The Ride of Silence is designed to bring attention to to motorists that cyclists have the right to share the road. In many states there is a minimum distance drivers are expected to maintain between their vehicle and a bike on the road. In Nebraska that distance is 3 feet.

There were about 70 riders in total and they rode in the rain. There may have been more if the weather had been better.

The video has been edited and compressed as the ride covered 13 miles and lasted about an hour.