While this episode is not about riding in the Heartland, we hope it provides encouragement to anyone that needs to get active, not to let riding a bike stop you.

Robert Fletcher is a retired Canadian school teach and turned 80 in 2022. A few years before, he began to wonder how he could celebrate this birthday milestone. The answer was to set a Guinness World Record for and Octogenarian riding and e-bike, from North Pole Alaska to Panama. More than 8,800 miles!

He wrote a Book about it, “Octogenarian Odyssey, Trading the Sofa for a Bicycle Seat.” Which should serve as an inspiration to anyone about setting goals and getting active. Not that you need to set any world records, but getting off the sofa and out on an e-bike, might just be the solution you are looking for. You can watch the video below.

More information can be found about his second Journey, or Octo Odyssey 2.0, e-bike ride from Cartagena, Columbia to the tip of South America. Plus his 2024 Octo Odyssey 3.0 European trip can be found as well as the link to his social media sites.

We hope you enjoy this episode. Leave a Comment if you do.

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